The Mindful Peanut
Do what you Love and Fortune will follow

Some facts about  myself:


At age 13 did I have my first encounter with an Eating Disorder and at age 16 I was diagnosed with DepressionBulimia, Social Anxiety and Borderline Disorder. I was over-exercising, not eating healthily and simply being self-destructive in every way. 

The cause for all of this was the lack of self-love. When you love yourself you don't let yourself go this much, you will take action to get better, find out what makes you feel good and let the things go that bring you down. 

But since I can't change the past, it is time to change the future!

Because in the end it is up to you what you make out of a situation. Will you let negative things control your actions or will you find a way to stay happy and healthy, be mindful with yourself and others to create a better life? 

Through lots of support from family and friends I discovered there is more than misery and sadness in the world and with the tools of SELFLOVEYOGA, and MINDFULNESS I found the way to true HAPPINESS. 

That's why I published an E-book on how to live more mindfully, and started a Youtube channel

Art has always been the outlet for my feelings, so when I started to be more in peace with myself and life, my art also became more beautiful. Wild, aggressive acrylic paintings are now replaced by peaceful, meditative mandalas, watercolour drawings and nature-inspired resin pendants.

My goal is to make the world a better place in every aspect: For others, for the environment, for myself and for the sake of having fun :-)

I want to help make the world aware of animal cruelty and therefore spread the knowledge about veganism.

I want to help take care of our environment by producing less waste and saving resources.

Basically, I wish that every living being can live the life they want to live.