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T-Shirt "Sonnengruß"

Surya Namaskara A - Der Sonnengruß als Beginn des Tages, die Begrüßung des Lebens.

Meine allmorgendliche bewegte Meditation und nun in simplifizierter Darstellung auch mein Logo.

• Erhältlich in hellgrau, schwarz oder weiß

• Ich bin 1,56 cm klein und trage das Shirt in Größe M

• Waschmaschinen-geeignet



Ebooks (auf Englisch)



 How to Improve Mental and Physical Health

Sometimes it can be quite challenging to find balance and ease within our lives, especially when we have a stressful job or troubles in our private life that need to be resolved. Simply being alive can feel overwhelming and exhausting if we don't manage to find the time for ourselves and our personal needs. Being in a state of not giving your body and mind what they need can cause serious long-term physical and mental damage that might need professional treatment if not taken care of soon enough.

This guide will help you start a more mindful and healthy life, find balance within yourself and stay positive and optimistic even in hard times.
Through my personal experience with depression I can now help you find mindful ways to stay happy and healthy and not let your life be controlled by others or a negative and ill mindset.

Download here as Kindle E-book or physical copy!

How to overcome Shyness and Anxiety

How I managed to overcome my fears and started living to the fullest and how you can do that, too! 

5 steps on how to deal with your social anxiety and shyness.

Download here as Kindle E-book!